Ulduar Achievement Run
  • Syl April 2011
    Looking for people who are interested in doing the Glory of the Ulduar Hero achievement along with all the hard modes that go with the boss fights.

    Would prefer to have players who know the fights in order to move through it as quickly as possible, but will take experienced raiders. Will need one tank and one heals and two people who have tank/heal offsets.

    If we get at least 6 people who know the Ulduar fights well, then I will open up the raid to people who are not raid experienced.

    Would like to set up at least 1 night a week to work on this achievement and lock out the raid until it is completed.

    Let me know in game or on this forum if you or any of your friends (they don't have to be in guild) are interested.
  • BrunoBruno April 2011
    I'd be interested, but I do not know the fights at all.

    Tank MS/Heal OS
  • HiroProtHiroProt April 2011
    I will bring the potato salad.
  • hettxhettx April 2011
    im game and will provide the bagel cart
  • Syl April 2011
    Does the bagel cart have cream cheese???

    schedule-wise .. what days or days are good for you

    Tues night
    Thurs night
    Saturday day or night

    I know we might be changing raid times, but just to get an idea of when you are around.

    Hett and Hiro .. do you guys know the fights?

    I'll ask some of our other raiders who are forum-shy (that my way of being nice and not saying TOO LAZY TO GET ON THE WEBSITE ... heheh) if they are interested when I see them on the game.

    Once I get an idea of what day is good I'll start scheduling on the calendar.
  • HiroProtHiroProt April 2011
    I don't really know many of the fights. I've done some of them as ranged dps, but don't remember much. Have them get their arses over here. We're going to be doing a logo contest soon and the only way to sign up is the website. It'll be awesome!! Great prizes!
  • Syl April 2011
    ooo prizes!

    The fights aren't that bad and I think that most of them we can just pew pew down quickly, but there are a few that need more coordination then others, but it's a raid so I'm sure our core raiders will be fine.

    I've never done the last boss Algalon because the guild I was in just got so sick of Ulduar and wanted to Focus on ToC. I only know the fights from a healers perspective though, so to have a dps or tank who also knows them would be helpful.
  • JalarirJalarir April 2011
    I know them all including algalon.

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