Thanks to Everyone!!!
  • BrunoBruno June 2011
    Hey Guys & Gals,

    Kendria and I would just like to thank everyone for their dedication over the last few months of raiding. Now that Primal will be a casual play guild and not a raiding guild. It's been awesome raiding with such a great bunch of people, everyone is very laid back and relaxed. A nice non-stressful environment. With good progression for our time invested.

    Primal is now a casual play guild, open to all levels and play styles. We will not be scheduling raids on a set schedule anymore. But we might run raids every now and again, but much less frequently.

    Thanks again everyone! Good luck to everyone in the new content!

    See you around.

  • hettxhettx June 2011
    Its been great getting to know everyone and raiding with you guys. I've learned a lot from you guys and look forward to doing stuff with y'all in the future. Dont hesitate to message me in game on hettx deddzone or ihavenolife if you guys need anything

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