Applicant Requirements
  • BrunoBruno April 2011
    Applicant Requirements:

    Our Raid Schedule

    Raid Days: Monday, Wednesday
    Raid Times: 7 pm EST – 10 pm EST

    Core Raider Requirements:

    We have a few requirements that new applicants must comply with to become a Core Raider with Primal.

    • Keep a minimum 85% raid attendance. (attend at least 5 of 6 raids over a two week period)
    • Be on-time; be ready and online at 7pm EST (ready = have stat food, flasks, gear enchanted / gemmed, etc) If you are online and ready at 6:45pm EST you will get an early ready RP bonus for the night.
    • Be prepared; make sure to watch the boss kill videos PRIOR to raid for the bosses that we plan on raiding that night. We will briefly explain but to maximize our time we need all raiders to be somewhat familiar with the boss fights.
    • Be flexible; we keep a 13 to 14 person core raid group. With this, sometimes there might be instances where somebody will need to sit out a raid or encounter (depending on gear needed, experience, a number of factors) We will try to keep everyone’s “sub-time” as equal as possible. Don’t worry we will spread the love around.
    • Be mature; our guild age range is almost exclusively 20s-30s. We are not hardcore raiders; we are laid back and want to progress but not at the expense of becoming a “boot camp raid guild”. Please be mature and easy going and you will fit in great.
    • Be 18+; or be mature enough that we can’t tell you might be younger.
    • Be iLvl 353+
    • Added Bonus: Have upto 8/12 or more raid experience in a 10m group setting.

    Casual Member Requirements:

    We do allow casual players to join Primal and level, have fun, etc. We still need a few little requirements.

    • Be mature, no excessive swearing in vent/guild chat.
    • Be civil; don’t openly beg for anything. That’s just annoying. We have a great group of members who are more than willing to help out when they have free time with heroics, etc.
    • Be 18+.
    • Be aware; that being invited as a casual does NOT mean you will get a raid spot when you hit 85 or raid ready gear level (350+ ilvl). If there is an open spot in our core, we might be able to move you into a raider spot if you prove you are capable.

    If you have any questions, please direct them my way.


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