RIP Cho'gall and Atramedes, 2 Firsts in one night.
  • BrunoBruno May 2011
    Hey Everyone,

    Well, it's been a little while since our last update on Progression. But here's a big one. We decided tonight to start off with Atramedes, an encounter we haven't attempted in over a month. After 2 attempts he lay dead at our feet. He was almost too easy. So we decided to go back and give Cho'gall another try and that's exactly what we did. After a few heartbreakers (one sub 5% and one 29k <1% attempt) we downed Cho'gall for our first time.

    Primal downs Atramedes


    [Kingdom's Heart] - Bruno (OS)
    [Legguards of the Unseeing] - Mortekai (OS)

    Primal downs Cho'gall!!!!


    [Mantle of the Forlorn Vanquisher] - Hettx
    [Shalug'doom, The Axe of Unmaking] - Mortekai
    [Fall of Mortality] - Vipersbight

    Amazing raid last night everyone. Nefarian and Al'akir... You're next!


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