Our First week of raiding concluded...Conclave AND Council DOWN!!!
  • BrunoBruno April 2011
    Hey Everyone,

    A big congrats to everyone at the raid Monday night. We had multiple people who haven't seen the conclave encounter before and downed them on the 2nd attempt.

    Also our Council kill monday night was a first for everyone there. Awesome job everyone!

    A quick note, Repairs are now free to everyone in the guild (casual or raider).

    Primal downs Conclave of Wind


    [Planetary Band] - Pynchin
    [Gale Rouser Belt] - Disenchanted

    Primal downs Ascendant Council


    [Arion's Crown] - Turla
    [Hydrolance Gloves] - Syl

    Great job everyone, What an awesome way to round out our first week of raiding!!! We even got to attempt Cho'gall a few times. Looks like a fun fight and Atramedes better watch himself...he's next.


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