Current Recruitment Needs
  • BrunoBruno April 2011
    If you plan on applying to Primal. Make sure to please read our Applicant Requirements first.

    Core 10m Raiders:

    Recruitment: OPEN

    We are currently Recruiting:

    1 Tank
    1-2 Healers
    1 Range DPS

    Casual Players & Friends:

    Please talk with Bruno or Hiroprot in game if you wish to join Primal as a Casual player (non-raider). We are open to casual players joining the guild as long as they are mature and not an idiot.

    We offer free repairs for everyone in the guild, we also run heroics almost daily, so if you want to run some heroics with a reliable guild. Post here, or look for us in game.


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Raid Progression (10m):
Raids: No Raid Schedule Server: Khadgar
Faction: Alliance

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The Bastion of Twilight:
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Guild Created: April 4th 2011
Last Update: June 28th 2011

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