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  • BrunoBruno March 2011

    Primal is a new guild on Khadgar, being created on April 4th, 2011.

    We are a small, mature, dedicated group of experienced raiders who want to take an effective and efficient direction to raiding. We are laid back and not interested in drama or other issues. We like to joke around but when we raid, we want it to be as efficient as possible. We are not hardcore raiders, but want to progress through the 10m raid content. Most of our guild has experience with 7/12 of current cataclysm raid content.

    Current Raid Schedule:

    Raid Days: Monday, Wednesday and Sunday
    Raid Times: 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm EST (Khadgar Server Time)

    Current Members:

    Please register on the website, but clicking the "Apply for Membership" link on the right hand side. Current members will get approved as soon as possible.

    Potential Applicants to Primal:

    Please check our recruitment thread to find out if recruiting is open or closed and what requirements we are looking for in potential applicants.


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Primal RP System
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Raid Progression (10m):
Raids: No Raid Schedule Server: Khadgar
Faction: Alliance

Baradin Hold:
The Bastion of Twilight:
Blackwing Descent:
The Throne of Four Winds:

Guild Created: April 4th 2011
Last Update: June 28th 2011

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